Dawns & Decoherence

Fire on the Mountain

The First Sessions' Other Half

September 8th, mid-afternoon

Their days of independent travel end as Isaiah and Gorgoroth separately approach the summit of Mount Diablo. As they reach a clearing in the summit they witness three unknown Prometheans – one getting shot with a mortal child beside him and two attempting to intervene to save the first. When the unnatural fire swept across the dry grass the two were trapped together and separated from the other three. From their distant vantage point they could see the being who manifested from the flames and hear the thunder rolling across the summit but couldn’t make out the words on the rocky outcropping.

Isaiah and Gorgoroth flee together down the mountain when they see the stone explode and the other Prometheans follow the child away. Once they are out of immediate danger Isaiah and Gorgoroth introduce one another and express their dismay at the incident they witnessed at the summit. Together they travel down the mountain about as conspicuously as they can. They are briefly stopped by the police and although Isaiah makes some awkward attempts at avoiding the interaction, Gorgoroth is able to talk things over with the officer and get a ride for him and Isaiah off the flaming mountain.

Once at the bottom, Isaiah and Gorgoroth both sense Azoth pass them on the highway. They decide that their next step should be finding where the other Prometheans they saw on the mountain are off to.

Update coming soon, remainder of session playing out over e-mail…

In attendance: Simon as Isaiah, Jesse as Gorgoroth


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