Dawns & Decoherence

Fire on the Mountain
The First Sessions' Other Half

September 8th, mid-afternoon

Their days of independent travel end as Isaiah and Gorgoroth separately approach the summit of Mount Diablo. As they reach a clearing in the summit they witness three unknown Prometheans – one getting shot with a mortal child beside him and two attempting to intervene to save the first. When the unnatural fire swept across the dry grass the two were trapped together and separated from the other three. From their distant vantage point they could see the being who manifested from the flames and hear the thunder rolling across the summit but couldn’t make out the words on the rocky outcropping.

Isaiah and Gorgoroth flee together down the mountain when they see the stone explode and the other Prometheans follow the child away. Once they are out of immediate danger Isaiah and Gorgoroth introduce one another and express their dismay at the incident they witnessed at the summit. Together they travel down the mountain about as conspicuously as they can. They are briefly stopped by the police and although Isaiah makes some awkward attempts at avoiding the interaction, Gorgoroth is able to talk things over with the officer and get a ride for him and Isaiah off the flaming mountain.

Once at the bottom, Isaiah and Gorgoroth both sense Azoth pass them on the highway. They decide that their next step should be finding where the other Prometheans they saw on the mountain are off to.

Update coming soon, remainder of session playing out over e-mail…

In attendance: Simon as Isaiah, Jesse as Gorgoroth

Fire on the Mountain
the First Session

September 8th, mid-afternoon

As if in a trance, Jed, Ethan, and Boone climb Mount Diablo in search of the powerful Azothic Radiance emanating from the summit. As Boone wanders into a clearing with his “kid brother”, Charles (a mortal seemingly immune to Disquiet), a lone target shooting gunman begins to take a bead on Boone. Jed and Ethan both unaware of one another attempt to intervene, calling out to Boone as a warning. They are too late. The gunman takes the shot and Boone drops to his knees as the majority of his insides fall to the ground around him. The gunman, now terrified by the crowd, dashes off into the woods as the grass near the Prometheans begins to catch fire.

Jed, Ethan, and Boone all converge in the clearing, distantly noticing two other Prometheans standing closer to the outer edge of the fire. The fire, already moving strangely, begins to coalesce into a flickering shape near the summit. The fire appears alternately as a lion, a serpent, a lamb, and a host of trumpets. Against a hard rock wall flames and sparks carve out these words as thunder echoes across the landscape.

“Whatever the quote is here.”

As the fire leaves the words they appear as if lead inlaid into the stone. As the moments pass the lead appears to heat and turn to gold. Finally, the rock wall explodes sending showers of stone everywhere. Neither Jed, Boone, nor Ethan notice the glow of gold around Charles’ head as they leave the clearing. The fire grows rapidly and the Prometheans flee the area.

Away from the fire, the Prometheans introduce themselves and begin to descend the mountain, careful to avoid the emergency personnel who are now ascending the mountain to put out the blaze. In the days that follow Jed pieces together that they have had an encounter with a qashmallim while Boone uses his not inconsiderable resources to acquire motel accommodations for his new friends.

In the weeks following the incident on the mountain Jed, Boone, Charles, and Ethan continued to get to know one another. Boone began researching quotes from the writing that appeared on the mountain and ordered any book or CD that seemed even tangentially related to the phrasings.

November 20th, mid-day

After having stalked the outside of the Oaks campus for several days, Jed invited along Ethan for moral support and to have an extra set of eyes on the comings and goings of his Progenitor. While obviously scoping out the location, a security guard approached Jed and said that Jennifer Oaks was ready to see him. Surprised but apparently without suspicion, Jed called Ethan over and the two of them entered Oaks campus.

Entering the main building they were directed to an elevator and told which floor to go to. After entering the elevator, however, they were taken down at least several stories into a basement. When the doors opened the Oaks symbol was painted against the back wall behind a large machine that included an unfinished circle. The room was full of dark silhouettes. Simultaneously each of the dark silhouettes began to light up and each could be seen as a slight variation on ________, the Sublimati Pandoran that Jed had helped Jennifer Oaks create. Ethan began to escape through the emergency hatch while Jed hardwired himself into the elevator control panel and wrested control of the system, closing the doors and taking them back to the ground level.

Jed and Ethan made a mad dash out of the building and hijacked one of the security guard’s carts. After leaving the Oaks campus the pair ditched the cart and ran into a department store to throw off the trail. Jed, apparently not being very good at this inconspicuous thing, was spotted almost immediately. Fortunately, while Ethan made a getaway on foot Jed leapt out the third story of the building and landed on a car outside. Especially fortunately, Jed was able to hijack the car and flee the police to get to safety. The pair then met up and doubled back to catch up with Boone.

In attendance: David as Jed, Cari as Ethan, John Beard as Boone “CDK” Farm.


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